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What´s a site without a link page. Here are some technical links: The support page from siemens linkt to the download of Step7 lite (its free!!). The support page from siemens linkt to search siemens items.
Hint: click on the left "Show Navigation" after you have opened a document. Then click "show the entry list" on top. There you can find al documents regarding your search. A nice list of freeware programs. A big collection of almost all PC connectors and cables. Very much links related to PLC and scada. English and Dutch pages. A nice site from another Dutch man who want to spread his knowledge. Everything about controlling. A lot about PLC's. This web site contains general information about PLC Command Instructions and explains how they function in your application program. These Commands are based on Allen Bradley's SLC-500 PLC and their RSLogix-500 Software. All reference material contained within this site is for education.
A nice site for beginners of the AB-plc. A dutch site with the same idea as me, making a standard PLC structure public. Mostly freeware, but downloadable? A site in German with standard PLC functions to. Its a pity that this site is NOT totally freeware! An example of how to start a project in a link on your desktop: simatic_projektstart.pdf
Its explains how you can link the .S7P extension: "C:\Program Files\Siemens\Step7\S7BIN\S7tgtopx.exe" /e "{Filename in 8.3 format}".
In short way, link the .S7p extension to S7tgtopx.exe with /e and the filename.