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The internet is full of several small and easy programs. Here is a list with programs that i use. Mostly is it freeware or shareware that can be used with a banner. Of course for each program there is a crack or serial to find on the internet, but you didn´t hear that from me.

Looking for: - Tools for PLC code (IEC31161 conversion, step generator, etc)
- Tools for handling symbols (generate and/or catalog/document)
- Tool for easy drawing a PLC flowchart
E-mailI prefer freeware or useable shareware. Open source even better!!

BUDdy for S7: Freeware backup- and restore-software for S7-300® and compatible.
A freeware program from mhj (german) that can backup and restore the contents of a S7-3xx PLC inclusive hardware config. The program uses a MPI-adapter (RS232-MPI). The software is in englisch and german. The backup file (MMC-file) can be imported in step7 or in WinSPS-S7 (S7 programming tool of mhj).
Link: (German site!)
Download link:

Wintabs v2.07: A document navigation toolbar.
It's supports now 69 programms. I´ve let the creator of the program add the support for Siemens Step7® editor version 5.0. It still works on version 5.3. For more information look on his site.
Local download: (269.4KB)

Total commander: A shareware file manager for Windows® 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP, Windows® 3.1, pocket PC and handhelds.
Easy program for copying, move, search, pack, edit, view, download, upload, compare, etc.
Most likely available in your language. Very nice is the internal support for several pack formats. Downloaded even this site with it.
Download link:

OpenExpert: A program to control the extensions link in windows™ system labyrinth!
Ever had the problem to link an extension to a program, or even to multiple programs? Now i never have found the right methode. In Windows™ v3.1x was the link saved in the windows.ini file. But in the next versions there are multiple positions were the link is placed. This program uses the right click and open with structure. Its easy to use an of course freeware!!
Link main page:


EVE v3.56: The incredible shrinking vector graphics editor, only 74K bytes.
A very small utility were you can make a flowchart. I´ve used it but i don´t like it that much. But its a nice small graphic editor for easy flowcharts.
Local download: (161KB)