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Working people make mistakes, some people do never make mistakes!
I work to live, my boss thinks I live to work!
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Don't blame me for a simple Site. Its my first and I didn't want to use Word® or Frontpage®. I´ve tryed one but the code it created was such a mess! So I looked for another editor, I found several and I´m using now "1st page" from evrsoft. It´s freeware and it´s a WYSIWYG Html editor. It´s very complete and has the possibility to set an Easy, Normal, Advanced/Expert or Hardcore mode. More info click the "powered by" picture on top this page.

So what's on this page? Well I wanted to make a page that has several functions for a PLC. I've programmed several machines and used several method's to convert my ideas to a working program. In that time I've made several functions to make a program easy. The advantage of these functions are that it easy to read and understand for everybody. I want to make all functions IEC 61131-3 compatible so it will be brand independed.
More info on the PLC Functions page.
More info over IEC 61131–3 standard. (Source: TwinCAT Quick Start 2.8)

Is that all? No I've found several useful small programs that are be helpful for me. I've placed them on the site or I've made a link.
More info on the small tools page.

No link page? Yes there is of course. A site without? No F*ucking way.
More info on the technical links page. All other links are on the other links page.

What are the cost for this site? HEY its internet. The base of internet is that all information and software is FREE. So my software is freeware or free to use (shareware, useware, etc). I don´t want that my software is used for commercial efforts, if so i want a big piece of it!

Is it only from me? No, almost every thing is from me. But i have to thank several people who have helped me to create some functions or have inspired me to made these functions. I hope not that i have misused the ideas of these people, when so i like to hear it.

Is this all? No, I´m working on it. But the page will never be finished. When you think you have something for me please E-mail me. (Click envelope.)

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