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 For the oldies: Some old software from Siemens. But here you can see the difference.


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Industrial Software

Here you'll find a comprehensive listing and description of Siemens Automation and Control software components.
Click on a link in the red arrow below for more information about each package.
If you can't find a specific package, please send a detailed email to

Step 7 (Basis, Pro, Mini)
Step 7 Add-ins (S7-CHARTS, S7-SCL, S7-GRAPH, S7-CFC, S7-PLC SIM, S7-PDIAG, S7-VersionStore,)
ProTool / ProTool Light
LOGO!Soft Comfort
Simatic Net
Simatic Manual Collection
Step 5
QuickStart for Drives

Micro/Win for the S7-200 PLC
STEP 7-Micro/WIN is the simple, easy-to-learn programming software under Windows for the SIMATIC S7-200. With its extensive functionality, it can be used to solve even difficult automation tasks. It is especially user-friendly thanks to fast entry and time-saving programming.
Micro/Win includes features not usually found in programming software for "brick-style" PLCs.
  • Programs can be created using LAD, function blocks and Statement List following IEC 1131-1 standards.
  • Comprehensive, context-sensitive online help functions
  • Pulse-edge evaluation
  • Subroutine calls
  • Counters, timers, fast counter functions
  • 16- and 32-bit integer math; floating-point arithmetic
  • PID control
  • Number conversions
  • Loop programming
  • Cut, paste, insert, undo and search
  • Search functions in the user program for text and operation
  • Language (German, English, French, Spanish, Italian),
  • Support of S7-200 remote programming via modem
  • Testing and troubleshooting

And more!

Step 7 (Basis, Pro, Mini)
Step 7
SIMATIC STEP 7 is THE program for configuration, development, and maintenance of your S7 PLC control application.
     With STEP 7 you have the environment for creating a totally integrated automation solution while improving engineering productivity and reducing implementation times. Its extensive scope of functionality addresses all phases of an automation project ranging from programming and configuring to testing through on-going maintenance.
     For information about STEP 7 training classes, click here.

In compliance with IEC 1131-3, STEP 7 helps you structure your programs to increase re-usability, reduce errors and increase programming and user efficiency. Programmers can select between these programming languages: Ladder Diagram (LD), Function Block Diagram (FBD) and Instruction List (IL) programming language.
     Additional options include high level language Structured Text (ST) called SIMATIC S7-SCL, Sequential Function Chart (SFC) called SIMATIC S7-GRAPH or a flowchart language called S7-CHARTS.
     Advanced features of the whole engineering system include advanced system diagnostic capabilities, process diagnostic tools, PLC simulation, remote maintenance, and plant documentation.

There are 3 Step 7 packages available:
  • STEP 7 Basis - the complete version for all types of applications
  • STEP 7 Pro - Step7+ engineering tools to make you more productive!
  • STEP 7 Micro/Win - SIMATIC S7-200 only

Step 7 - Step By Step
STEP7 - Step by Step is the perfect complement to an EandM STEP 7 Training Class!
     The CD is geared toward first time users or occasional users of STEP7 and guides them through fundamental tasks in the design, configuration, programming and troubleshooting phases. It shows the user what to do and provides a complete movie along with a narrative explanation for each task.
     The CD also includes ADVANCED FEATURES, which point out unique features in each phase from design to troubleshooting. The CD includes FAQ's covering typical questions that a beginner might have.
     So, if you're looking for a refresher or want to get started before getting some STEP 7 training, just ask for STEP-BY-STEP!

S7 Add-ins

SIMATIC industrial software is a system of closely linked software tools for the SIMATIC S7 and SIMATIC C7 programmable controllers. Each package is designed to help you during each phase of an automation project:

  1. Planning, configuring and parameterization of hardware and communication
  2. Creation of a user program
  3. Documentation
  4. Testing, commissioning and service
  5. Process control
  6. Archiving.
S7-Charts, S7-SCL, S7-GRAPH, S7-CFC, S7-PLC SIM, S7-PDIAG, S7-VersionStore


Do you prefer to program PLCs using flowcharts?
S7-CHARTS does just that! Just add it to your Step 7 Basis or Pro package to design, develop, and program flowcharts for the SIMATIC S7-300 and S7-400 programmable logic controllers. It includes:

  • Full graphical editor for multi-chart programs
  • Powerful instruction editor with compiler
  • System-wide cross-referencing and tag name browsing
  • State-of-the-art documentation preview and printing
     S7-CHARTS has an open interface for generating flowcharts automatically by using common languages such as Visual Basic. This reduces the development time for creating large amounts of standard flowcharts that would otherwise be programmed manually.
     S7-CHARTS uses Structured Text as it is defined in the IEC 61131-3 standard to program the flowchart elements. This powerful language supports high-level language elements such as math and trig functions for complex calculations, array manipulation or control statements for data management.
     It's time to go with the flow… with S7-CHARTS!


SCL can be an extremely time-saving method when you're dealing with complex algorithms and extensive data processing tasks. And with S7-SCL, you can make the fullest use of this.
     S7-SCL corresponds exactly to the "Structured Text" high-level language defined in DIN IEC 1131-3 and it has strong similarities to PASCAL, but a PASCAL expanded specifically to deal with PLCs and SIMATIC:

  • allowing accesses to I/O, timers and counters,
  • supporting the S7 blocks,
  • providing high-level debug functions
  • fully integrated into the Simatic environment,
  • and certified to PLC open Base Level.
When you program with S7-SCL, your programs are clearer, simpler and significantly easier to read. The error rate plummets - and the speed takes off.

Are you right-brained or left-brained? With S7-GRAPH, you can be both! 
     S7-GRAPH uses graphics to easily describe sequential and simultaneous processes instead of using complex programming methods.
     The process is broken down into a sequence of steps and transitions between the steps. Then you program the contents of the steps by defining the individual actions in text form. You can program the transitions as a ladder diagram or as a function block diagram.
     The Results? S7-GRAPH lets you program quickly and view an extremely clear (and error-free!) program draft. Downtimes are drastically reduced because there are integrated diagnostics functions available and the sequencer is automatically synchronized with the machine status again following a simple manual intervention.

S7-CFC (Continuous Function Chart)
Can you visualize the program you're about to create?
     With S7-CFC you can create programs by drawing a process flowchart. Just connect the blocks to show data flow!
     Simply combine ready-made blocks independently of the hardware.
     S7-CFC complies with IEC1131-3, and does NOT require expert PLC or computer skills. Yet, you will be able to create PLC programming solutions.
     Debugging and startup are also carried out in the technology-oriented diagram. And an extensive library of standard functions (that can be supplemented with your own standards) eliminate the need for most programming tasks in the preparatory phases. CFC, the final word in software re-use!

Now you can test your Step 7 programs before touching the hardware!
     If startup costs are dragging you down, take a long hard look at the benefits simulation offers. A simulated test environment can reduce startup costs by detecting programming errors early and dramatically decreasing commissioning time.
    S7-PLCSIM simulates a PLC CPU; therefore, a COMPLETE application including control programs and HMI can be tested. With S7-PLCSIM loaded on your PC, you can simulate your S7-PLC and test all related SIMATIC STEP 7 user programs. Or, you can test as you program. Either way, you won't need ANY hardware (PLCs, CPUs, I/O modules, power supplies, or wiring) to find your errors.
     What can you lose by testing early and testing cheap?

Whew! The project is up and running normally. Can you rest now?
     All it takes is a defective actuator or sensor, a faulty movement, an unfulfilled interlock or an elapsed monitoring time and… CRISIS! PANIC! BLAME!
     With the help of S7-PDIAG, process faults are detected and reported. You get clear information concerning the location and cause of the fault and information for immediate correction.
     With S7-PDIAG you can implement powerful process diagnostics without extensive overhead because the signal monitoring is imbedded in the program.
     So, if you're worried that you'll be in the middle of the next process snafu, think about diagnostics. Think about S7-PDIAG.

Are you having difficulty keeping track of changes in automation projects? You're not alone.
     Even in development phases, PLC programs and program libraries are continually being changed to fix errors or conform to changed parameters. Consequently, managing and logging these changes can become very tedious or are just ignored!
     Version control makes it easy to keep an entire history of program versions at a central location, track changes during the PLC program life cycle and grant access to any specific version within this history list. When problems arise, with S7-VersionStore, you'll be able to find the documentation you need as quickly as possible.

ProTool / ProTool Light

ProTool is a powerful, easy-to-use application which reduces downtime and increases productivity for machine level applications. It provides a visualization and operator interface front-end to regular hardware PLCs. As part of Siemens TIA (Totally Integrated Automation) it can easily be integrated into STEP 7, which significantly allows reduced engineering time.
     ProTool/Pro comes as configuration software as well as a runtime software environment since it provides a platform for standard PC's running Windows 95/98 as well as NT.
There are 3 ProTool packages available:
  • ProTool/Lite - for Text Panels (TPs)
  • ProTool - for Operator and Touch Panels (OPs)
  • ProTool/Pro - for HMI applications

LOGO!Soft Comfort

Program your LOGO! switching program on a PC and download.
     Or, test and simulate, change, archive and print out your programs - without touching LOGO!
     LOGO!Soft Comfort provides you with a clearly laid out working area in which you can display your switching program in full and change it. Using buttons, you can call up connectors, basic and special functions via the function bar and simply "drag and drop" into the switching program. These functions can be combined and moved in whichever way you like.
     So, now it's your choice - program your LOGO! directly on its onboard interface OR do everything offline using your PC. Go loco with LOGO!

Simatic Net - 
Networking for Industry

SIMATIC® NET is the essence of open communications in automation engineering. These networks make integrated communications possible from the control level right down to the field level.
     Global communication via TCP/IP and openness to office networks are a part of the concept as is the integration of the actuator-sensor.
     For more about Siemens Networks, click here.



Do you need to service (maintenance or diagnostics) a PLC that is a little more than a hop, skip and a jump away. Maybe it's on the other side of the planet?
     Let Siemens TeleService come to the rescue.
     TeleService is designed specifically for the remote servicing of SIMATIC S7/C7 automation systems. All it takes is a PC or programming device over a fixed-line network or a radio network. Once setup, the familiar functions of Step 7 and its wide array of Engineering Tools are available to you.
     With TeleService, you'll increase availability of plant and machines as well as personnel. Maintenance, update services and fault analyses can be performed economically from a central service center or by a vendor to a remote client.
     So, before hopping on a plane or figuring out how you can be in two places at once, consider the telephone and TeleService!

Simatic Manual Collection

Missing a manual? Misplaced a manual? Need a manual of your very own? Siemens and EandM have them available. Multiple languages are available. Ask for them on CD!

Step 5
Do you have Siemens S5 hardware? Then you need STEP 5 programming software!
     STEP 5 is THE proven programming software for all SIMATIC S5 PLCs. With STEP 5, programs can be created, tested, documented and downloaded.
STEP 5 is available in two versions:
  • STEP 5/ST Basic - fully functional for all PLCs
  • STEP 5/ST Mini - for S5 95U and 100U PLCs

STEP 5 was the world innovator of structured programming so that simple programs or complex programs could be built from the same building blocks - reducing programming and testing significantly!
STEP 5 programs can be created in 3 different ways:

  1. Statement List (STL) - a sequence of mnemonic codes of the commands executed one after another by the PLC.
  2. Ladder Diagram (LAD) - Graphical representation of the automation task with symbols of the circuit diagram
  3. Control System Flowchart (CSF) - Graphical representation of the automation task with symbols to DIN 40700/ DIN 40719.
Click here to find out more about EandM STEP 5 Training! Programming, Maintenance and Troubleshooting classes are offered year-round.

TiSoft / Soft Shop
Whether you're a die-hard TiSoft fan or pushing the envelope with SoftShop, you know that you need the best software for programming multiple PID loops is for you Siemens TI 505 controller.
SoftShop offers
  • Supports All Instructions and Features of All SIMATIC 505 CPUs (525/535/545/555/575 Controllers and older 520/530/560/565 Controllers)
  • Automatically reads-in and converts 100% of existing TISOFT2 disk files (Converter supplied for files prior to TISOFT Rel 5.0)
  • New 32-bit version (Windows NT) automatically imports and converts 100% of your existing 16-bit SoftShop program files.
So if you're in love with your Siemens TI, EandM and Siemens have the software to get the most out of it!

Click here to find out more about EandM TI505 Training! Programming, Maintenance and Troubleshooting classes are offered year-round.

QuickStart for Drives

More information coming soon.