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Here is an old document with industrial networks developed by Siemens.


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Industrial Networks

SIEMENS has a modern, integrated family of industrial networks designed to satisfy your performance and application requirements. The three members of the industrial SIMATIC NET family are:

SIEMENS Industrial Network  International Industrial Standard  Application
Industrial Ethernet  IEEE 802.3 &IEEE 802.3u  area and cell networking
PROFIBUS  IEC 61158/EN 50170  field and cell area
AS-interface  EN 50 295  communication with sensors and actuators

Each of these networks can exchange data over different levels, between different devices or between different automation stations so that you don't have to worry about bridging networks. It's all built in!

What can SIMATIC NET do for you?

  • Feel secure in committing to a company-wide communications network that includes the simplest devices right up to a complex system
  • Build a complete, high-bandwidth network with web management capabilities
  • Select from a plethora of hardware, firmware and cabling options
  • Integrate production floor and critical IT data at transfer rates of 100 Mbits/second (did you think that was possible?)
  • Access controller data via the Internet… without having to buy additional equipment.
  • Save time and money on cable installation with the Siemens FastConnect system for Ethernet or Profibus
  • Select components that are designed for a standalone system or field-level networks, in simple or fully redundant configurations.
EandM is your Siemens networking expert for
  • Diagnostic Products
  • Design & Layout
  • Troubleshooting
  • Upgrades
  • Parts Specification
  • Support & Troubleshooting
  • Technical Specs
  • Connectivity Options
  • Network Bridges
  • Training
For specific product or application questions, send an email to!  For more network information, click on a link below.
Industrial Ethernet
L1, L2, H1, PeerLink, TiWay, 3964R, ET100

Industrial Ethernet

Siemens Industrial Ethernet is the most powerful network for industrial data communications. It is the perfect network for bringing industrial automation information gathered at the sensor level to the existing office and factory Ethernet systems.

Advantages of Industrial Ethernet

  • Blazing speed (up to 100 Mbit/s)
  • Flexibility
  • Openness
  • Worldwide availability
  • All the advantages of "Ethernet"!
Advantages of Ethernet
Ethernet is the world's leading network for LAN applications. Why?
  • Fast startup through simple, standardized connection system.
  • High flexibility -- extend existing systems without any problem.
  • Almost unlimited communication by using scaleable switching technology.
  • Applicable to a variety of applications including office and production.
  • Company-wide communication through your existing WAN (Wide Area Network), such as ISDN or the Internet.
  • Security of investment

TCP/IP-compatible Ethernet

How many industrial automation manufacturers offer an open and non-proprietary TCP/IP Ethernet network that works seamlessly with other TCP/IP networks? Siemens does!

Are you looking for an industrial network that is truly routable? Siemens offers a protocol that works just like the TCP/IP you already know.

Learning the curve is short - it's easy to get your industrial data on the network. For all Siemens PLCS, you have methods of getting on Ethernet. Just ask EandM how to do it!


The world´s leading vendor-independent, open-communication standard for automation in manufacturing and process control.

Why is PROFIBUS the world leader?

  1. It's the fastest (12mb!)
  2. It's the most popular (4+ million installed devices, 2,000+ products, 500,000+ applications and User Groups in 23 countries)
  3. It has the best diagnostics and diagnostic tools
  4. It is an open and standardized protocol with 2000+ products and more coming every day
  5. It is affordable
  6. It is flexible -- remote I/O, peer to peer, multi-drop (and it all co-exists on the same wire)
An important advantage of PROFIBUS is that it covers factory, process and enterprise-wide applications. This makes PROFIBUS the best 'single' solution for plantwide, worldwide use. This cuts the costs of engineering, installation, training, maintenance, support and inventories. PROFIBUS is an approved, established and reliable standard.

Designed for Industry

  • PROFIBUS is a powerful, open, rugged bus system that guarantees problem-free communication.
  • The system is fully standardized which enables standard components from different manufacturers to be connected without problems.
  • Configuration, startup and troubleshooting can be performed from any point on the network. This means that the freely selectable communication links are extremely flexible, easy to implement and easy to modify.
  • PROFIBUS works alongside complementary technologies such as AS-interface and Industrial Ethernet. Now you have integrated information flow from the sensor all the way to the Intranet.


Are you looking for a smart, inexpensive, flexible way to layout and cable your sensors? Try AS-interface - Actuator Sensor-interface!

Now you can connect your distributed sensors and other I/O to your network with a simple and easy clamping system that takes only 1 wire - not thousands!

It's Very, Very Fast
Very, very fast for sensor communications
Very, very fast for configuration
Very, very fast for wiring
Very, very fast for diagnostics, repair and maintenance

How does it work?

  • AS-interface replaces complicated wiring harnesses and connects actuators and sensors (proximity switches, valves or indicator lights) to a PLC or PC.
  • Instead of wiring I/O individually in cabinet after cabinet with endless connections, bundles and identifying tags, AS-interface substitutes one yellow cable (IP 65/67).
  • Need to add a sensor later? Just tap the AS-interface yellow cable at any point.
  • Difficulty maintaining wiring diagrams? Replace hundreds of wires with one cable.
  • Need to breakdown or reassemble a large, distributed machine for shipping? Just disconnect the AS-interface cable before shipping and plug it in again upon arrival. Your machine will be running without extensive rewiring and troubleshooting.

AS-interface Benefits = Savings
If saving time and reducing wiring headaches are important to you, AS-interface may be the answer you didn't know you needed.
  • No data and power problems because data and power are transported by one common yellow cable.
  • No specialists required for wiring installation and startup.
  • Reduced service and maintenance costs.
  • Reduced engineering and documentation costs.
  • Built-in troubleshooting indicators (for EACH sensor!)


DeviceNet is a low-cost Allen-Bradley-sponsored industrial network to connect industrial devices such as limit switches, photoelectric cells, valve manifolds, motor starters, drives, and operator displays to PLCs and PCs.

Siemens has DeviceNet solutions including the cost-effective distributed I/O family -- ET-200S! Now you can get your Siemens remote I/O on DeviceNet!


Siemens and EandM offer many wiring and connection assistance tools including the Siemens FastConnect technique! Using FastConnect, you will get perfect Profibus and Ethernet network connections every time.

Click here to be transferred to a detailed listing and description of all Siemens Automation products including the innovative Siemens Fastbus system.


Siemens S7 PLCs always include a free, built-in data communication interface. Both PPI and MPI protocols can provide you with a low cost method for PLC-to-PLC communication options.
SIEMENS Data Interface  Definition  Availability
PPI  Point-to-Point Interface  S7-200 family
MPI  Multi-Point Interface  S7-300 and S7-400 families

PPI - Point-to-Point Interface
PPI is the Peer-to-Peer data communication interface used for Operator Interface connections within the S7-200 family. If you have an S7-200 PLC and would like to use the low-cost options that PPI offers, EandM can help you with:

  • Programming Assistance
  • Drivers
  • Connectivity
  • Options
  • Technical Specifications
MPI - Siemens Multi-Point Interface.
MPI is the multi-drop used for Operator Interface and PLC connections within the S7-300 and 400 families. If you are wondering how you can use MPI with your planned application topology and networks, let EandM help you with the following MPI expertise:
  • Programming Assistance
  • Drivers
  • Connectivity Options

  • Technical Specifications
  • Other Profibus Networking

L1, L2, H1, TiWay, PeerLink, 3964R, ET100

Do you have an older Siemens network?

If so, contact EandM for spare parts or opportunities to revolutionize your existing network! There are all kinds of transition and upgrade paths as well as improvements in speed and connectivity. Whatever network needs you have today, EandM can help you.


Click here to be transferred to a detailed listing and description of all Siemens Automation products including Siemens Distributed I/O ("ET200").